BARBECUTIES: Eternal Dorkness: CD

Mar 28, 2018

This is a hard hell-no from me. I guess it’s probably that I’m not into casual misogyny as a way to finger the edge, but I’m perfectly happy throwing a CD that has a song about how Betty Boop is probably just frustrated because she “just don’t get no cock,” a “fucking slut” who is “pretentious as fuck, spoiled as hell, no boobs” directly into the garbage. Alongside other songs like “Coffee Shop Girl,” “Cute Stoned Psychedelic Girl,” and “Pop Punk 101” (in which the singer laments that girls don’t like him because he likes punk rock better than whatever their stupid interests are), the only use of this record is to show people what you mean when you talk about the problems of misogyny in punk music. Maybe they think it’s funny and maybe other men will too and maybe that’s the problem. –Theresa W. (Monster Zero,