BAR STOOL PREACHERS, THE: “Grazie Governo” / “Warchief” / “Choose My Friends” : Flexidiscs

Nov 27, 2018

A set of three picture disc flexi records from this band, courtesy of Pirates Press Records. The sound is not quite punk and not quite ska on the “Grazie Governo” flexi; a nice mid-tempo sound that is quite appealing. “Warchief” is a little faster but stays reigned in, showing restraint and songwriting ability. There’s more of a melodic street punk type of sound on this one and is likely to appeal to fans of the overall Pirates Press back catalog. “Choose My Friends” has a more poppy sound, finally brings in the ska vibe fully, and is probably my favorite of the three. Interesting to release these all together, as they give a good overview of the sound of the band and the different things they bring together. –Mike Frame (Pirates Press)