Nov 27, 2018

I don’t think anyone needs to live up to what their family has done, but when you are the son of the singer from Cock Sparrer (one of my all-time favorite bands) I am going to be paying attention. This band has been able to take influences from the past forty years of punk and make it their own. You can tell these kids have grown up with this shit: there’s the pub rock of Cock Sparrer, the reggae influences of the Ruts, the politics of Crass, the big sound of Rancid, and the mentality of small pubs and basements and the “Englishness” of The ‘Tone and Hard Skin. Somehow they managed to throw all of these influences into a pot and make something totally unique, arresting, and fun. I am old as fuck, but the youthful energy of this band has given me a new lease on life. This is a fantastic record that has one foot in “then” and one foot in “now.” Get. In. –Tim Brooks (Pirates Press,

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