BAD YEAR: My Escape: Single-sided LP

Aug 01, 2019

As I attempted to cobble together a rough description of this band’s sound (the best I could do was “verses which sound like they’re coming from the general direction of the Mr. T Experience with choruses that sound like the punk on the radio fifteen years ago”), I realized that all my cultural reference points for pop punk were like fifteen or twenty years old and I have gone from being someone who could once speak with a fair degree of authority on the matter to someone who really has no idea what’s going on and probably shouldn’t even be talking. Then I decided that the genre was pretty much caught in a big fuckin’ stasis field anyway, so I was probably still an authority and could complete my review. Anyway, I like the packaging and I think the music is reasonably decent, but the record lacks anything resembling a standout tune—there’s really nothing on here to draw me back for repeated listenings. For a while, I thought the album-closing “Bad Year” might be that song, until I realized it was a Sicko cover—ironic, because I felt the same way as I feel about this album about Sicko’s You Can Feel the Love in This Room, except for its album-closing song, “Closer to Fine,” which I thought was just outstanding—until Jim from the New Bomb Turks told me that “Closer to Fine” was an Indigo Girls cover, so there ya go. Maybe I’m the one in the stasis field? BEST SONG: “Bad Day,” which, for all I know, is an Indigo Girls cover. BEST SONG TITLE: “Here, Hold My Cake.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: According to the run-off grooves, “BAD YEAR MEANS FRIENDSHIP.” –Rev. Nørb (Snappy Little Numbers)