BAD SPORTS: Constant Stimulation: LP

Nov 27, 2018

Bad Sports are a deceptively unique band. Sure, on the surface, they’re a trio of Texan punk rockers with a laundry list of former and other current bands that you should already have in your record collection, but there is a magic about the music these guys create together. They have a knack for being able to seamlessly switch up sounds—from garage punk to straight-up classic rock, from Ramones-influenced pop to the goddamn British Invasion—from song to song and no matter what it is, they nail it perfectly. Of course, everything is filtered through their patented take-no-bullshit attitude. Constant Stimulation is the band’s fourth LP (I consider 2016’s amazing Living with Secrets to be more of a mini-album) and without a word of exaggeration, it is my favorite. I play it over and over hearing new cool parts all over the place. Most of the songs here are mid-tempo burners with impeccable songwriting. Bad Sports are the modern definition of rock’n’roll. As much as I can see a punk rock guy getting way into this (especially if I were to look in a mirror), I could see normal people latching on as well. If it were to happen, maybe there would still be a tiny piece of me that would be pissed about it but, in reality, the adult in me would say, “No shit. They’re really that fucking good!” Everyone needs this record in their collection. –Ty Stranglehold (Dirtnap)

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