BAD SLEEP: Self-tilted: EP

Aug 16, 2017

How could you possibly go wrong with a release from both Rumbletowne and Get Better Records? I’m a big fan of nearly the entire output of both labels and Bad Sleep is certainly no exception. This three piece out of Olympia, Wash. steadfastly carry the torch of that RVIVR brand of pop punk—the kind that pushes the agenda of inclusion, neatly packaged in melodic and raucous tunes. I hesitate to call them sloppy as it carries negative connotations, but I really mean it in more of the loose playing style of the musicians who are absolutely competent at their instruments. Comparisons in the wheelhouse of Benny The Jet Rodriguez, Lipstick Homicide, and This Is My Fist! come to mind. Songs are largely about relationships, as though plucked from an angsty composition notebook full of regrets but with enough distance and maturity to have come out on the other side of hurt. A sampling of their lyrics that really struck me are, “I’ve calculated again and again / You don’t add up ‘cus I’m subtracting” (“Subtracting”), and “I lost your number / All I know are dial tones / Now I don’t think about you when I’m alone” (“Don’t Care”). It’s beautiful, smart, dancey punk and I love everything about it. –Kayla Greet (Rumbletowne / Get Better,