ALL BAD: No Good: CS

Nov 22, 2017

Beautiful, drawn-out, melodic crooning over straight-forward punk. Though this is another project out of Philadelphia, their drummer is Jarrett Nathan from New Orleans’ Pears. To be fair, this release is a few years old and Pears is on tour so much that I’m not quite sure where they’re based anymore. Quick riffs crash over non-stop cymbals and drum rolls, while the bass subtlety rumbles on in the background. Main vocals are taken over by guitarist Cat Park, but bassist Evan Bernard shares in the duties as well. “Solitude” instantly took me back to Tilt’s “Fine Ride” with enough differences to make them each distinctive songs in their own right. In all, No Good feels a lot like an EP as the longest of their ten tracks doesn’t even break the two and a half minute mark. It becomes awfully easy to listen to it three times in a row without feeling repetitive. –Kayla Greet (Get Better)