BAD NERVE: The Lost Ones: LP

Mar 28, 2018

Excellent punk rock that comes at you hard, but with severely strong tunefulness, and played at varying tempos for maximum impact. For only three people (Jonas Lyxzen, guitarist from DS-13 is playing drums here) they make a sonic ruckus. The songs are tightly wound and can change pace without missing a beat. Songs come on fast and in your face, then the next they shift down to something a little more mid tempo, such as the frantic “We Are the Lost Ones,” to the masher “There Was No Golden Age.” My favorite track here is “Not a Perfect World.” It’s the most poppy of the set but with a melancholy side. The backing vocals from Melody Almroth elevate this song to the next level, and give it more depth. If you’re a fan of bands like the Red Dons and Masshysteri, then seek this one out. –Matt Average (Ny Våg, [email protected])