BAD MECHANICS: Must Be a Suburb: EP

Nov 29, 2016

Real heavy weirdo art punk. The vocals are more spoken than sung in the verses, though they let loose in the chorus of the title track. This EP has three tracks, one of which is a clean version of “Must Be a Suburb” which is confusing to me. Is this so that they can get played on the radio? Two things baffle me if that is the case: A) DIY punk bands don’t get played on the radio at the level that could Green Day your career, and B) who the fuck listens to the radio anymore? For the record, I love public radio and underground stations, but we just don’t live in a time where people are tuning in on their Walkmans anymore. But whatever. You do you, Bad Mechanics. Once I got into the rap/rock style shouty vocals, I started to really enjoy it. The backup vocalist is rad as hell. It’s interesting and different, but I really hope they don’t try and go the radio/corporate rock route. As it stands now, I could see them opening for Andrew W. K., or maybe putting out a split with The Blood Brothers. –Kayla Greet (Stonewalled,

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