BAD MARY: Better Days: CD

Mar 15, 2022

What I find most interesting about this band is the composition of the lineup. The singer, Amanda Mac, is married to the bassist, and her dad plays drums. In addition, evidently one of her former professors is the guitarist? She’s surrounded herself with a unique group of folks to make this twelve-song album. Mac’s vocals can bear a slight resemblance to Blondie but can also be quite forceful. On songs like “I Wanna Guy,” the music sounds like it could be from the 1950s. The final track, “Tell Me Something,” sounds, musically, like something from the Rollins Band, with a big, muscly guitar sound. The music really runs the gamut but is generally fun, upbeat, and a good mix of punk and rock’n’roll. There wasn’t a lot that drew me in, although I’d love to hear them do more of the Rollins Band-inspired music. The heavy side is where Bad Mary really shines. ­–Kurt Morris (Dead Pill,