BAD DADDIES: Over 30 Singles: LP

Mar 28, 2018

Bad Daddies are one of those bands I’ve long heard about but never actually heard (or at least not to my recollection), so I was looking forward to rectifying that situation. Based on the name alone, I pretty much figured ‘em for a swagger-punk band heavy on Dolls and hot rods, so the wall of feedback right out of the starting gate, one that rarely goes away throughout, was a bit of a surprise. Lotta short, feral hardcore stompers rule the roost here, but things get particularly interesting when they a) sneak some wicked-catchy hooks underneath the unrelenting din with a backbeat that sounds like anvils crashing through one ceiling after another; b) push at the corners and things either take on a bit of an arty sheen or just deconstruct altogether. Tons of creativity going on within some narrow parameters they’ve set for themselves, a quality that always separates the notable from the rest of the schmoes. A fan, and a hearty recommendation, they’ve gained here. Comes with a zine featuring interviews with assorted members, liner notes, pics, and so on so’s you have something to read while wrecking your hearing. –Jimmy Alvarado (Emotional Response)