BAD COP / BAD COP: Warriors: CD

Sep 20, 2017

After incessant touring, one member’s battle with substance abuse, and a garbage human being elected president, Bad Cop has returned with eleven songs that are dagger sharp. There is so much concentrated power and vitriol on this record compared to their debut full length, Not Sorry. The first track “Retrograde” kicks off with laughter before Stacey Dee’s gruff yet melodic voice screams through. Singing duties are largely left to Stacey on this record, but there are a few helmed and written by Jennie Cotterill and Lihn Le. Those tracks from the latter two ladies fit right in with the themes of not backing down, demanding equality, denouncing domestic violence, and highlighting issues of body dysmorphia. Bad Cop is not afraid of being angry and loud about it, all the while accompanied by powerful guitar riffs, breakneck speed, and heavy beats. “Amputations” slows things down quite a bit but might be my favorite track. It’s an anthem for being a badass and pushing past the bullshit parts of life. Plus it has this rad lyric coupling: “Run along, find some other prey / break a tooth on my thick skin.” Some other major standouts on this record are “Wild Me,” “I’m Done,” and “Brain Is for Lovers,” which all quickly became earworms. Everything about this record is stepped up a notch. It’s one of the first collections of songs in this terrible administration that staunchly promotes feminist values with a message and voice that I absolutely prescribe to. This record is strong as hell—slightly over polished in parts, but that’s just how you get a diamond. Well that and amassed pressure and heat, which this band clearly knows how to handle. –Kayla Greet (Fat)