Dec 03, 2020

Bad Cop/Bad Cop’s third album is one of my favorites of this year. The songs are packed full of empowerment. BC/BC call out injustice with topical political content and resilience through booming, powerful drums by Myra Gallarza and the signature trio of siren voices and strong guitar and bass riffs by Jennie Cotterill, Stacey Dee, and Linh Le. “Certain Kind of Monster” and “Pursuit of Liberty” cover the cruel practices of the Trump administration conducting raids, forcing people out of their homes into camps, and the detainment of refugees seeking asylum in a country that was once seen as a place where one could seek a better life full of opportunities. The lyrics, “Don’t call people illegal/ when they’ve done nothing wrong/ don’t call people illegal/ when they’ve been here all along” are strong and impactful. “Take My Call” is my favorite song, full of emotion of a past love, “Breastless” is a powerful song about Dee’s experience with breast cancer, and the strength she has after that. “Chisme” is about that negative person who is always gossiping about other people, and “Simple Girl” is an anthem about loving who you are—and celebrating the paths you’ve taken in life that have gotten you to where you are—noting that you will never be a simple girl. Bad Cop shows are always full of fun crowd singalongs and a wild energy. I can’t wait to hear these songs live and sing along to “Sing with Me,” the heartwarming closing track that inspires hope. 2020 has been a year of ups and downs and uncertainty, and as the title track “The Mirage” suggests, “there is no destination, there is only the ride.” –Cynthia Pinedo (Fat Wreck)