BAD BREEDING: Self-titled: LP

Aug 25, 2016

If Bad Breeding is railing against life in Stevenage (U.K.) then it must be one hell of a dreary shithole to bring forth an outpouring that reeks of such despair and wretchedness. Blending together Discharge, Black Flag, and Crass into a brutal and uncompromising delivery, this four-piece comes across like it has the power to wipe the town off the face of the map with its explosive offering. I was taken aback by the sheer might of the sixteen tracks on this album which left me reeling from the aural equivalent of assault and battery. To be fair, Chris Dodd’s lyrics pick on more targets than just the band’s hometown as the Tory destruction of the U.K. comes under fire, too. His vocals possess a palpable sense of anger as they are spat out over a cacophonous musical carnage lasting just over half an hour. –Rich Cocksedge (Self-released, [email protected],