BABY’S BLOOD: Self-titled: 7” EP

Apr 08, 2019

The tagline on this band’s Bandcamp site is “negative punk returns” followed by a Finnish vulgarity and that’s basically what you need to know. Straight from Finland (but maybe U.S. ex-pats), classic punk influence, shirtless men with leather vests, lyrics about hating everyone around you, killing cops, struggling with depression, and suicidal thoughts. I guess it’s good to know that some of the core tenets of early punk are not only alive and well but can still be played in under two minutes, but when is the replication of the thing a good extension of the thing itself and when is it just an echo? Honestly, I don’t really even care enough to answer my own question and I doubt these dudes do either. –Theresa W. (Blast Of Silence / Neck Chop)