BABYBONES: “What Do I Do?” b/w “We’re Done Talking”: CS

Jul 20, 2021

Ironic, I know, but as someone who loves tapes, I can’t stand cassette singles. There’s no way that Babybones could know that, nor should they give a shit, but to me, cassingles seem frivolous in a way that, say, a 7” does not. Anyway, moving on—Babybones sounds a lot like the local band that plays at the bar by your house, if you have such a thing. A little loud, a little rooted in punk, but mostly sticking with the ol’ rock’n’roll, right? A little noodly and self-indulgent, but also seemingly aware of it, and thus, pretty fun. Probably pretty great live. Both of these songs are like that—fun, rocking, a bit too moored in trappings to be a true barnburner. Looks like this is limited to fifty copies. –Keith Rosson (Gubbey)