BABY TYLER: Drumb Masheens: 12” 45

Jan 21, 2022

Holy whuh! Tyler Fassnacht, possibly better known as being in the Proud Parents and also being sort of the Billy Preston of the Hussy, clearly spent his quarantine time laying the groundwork for your future auditory damage! This record is an absolute window-caulker, an eyebrow-scorcher, a veritable empty-swimming-pool-power-washer I tell you! The dude always seemed so mild-mannered, I didn’t think he had it in him! This one blasts forward at crippling volume, like a booming version of that tinny Goner Records stuff everybody flipped their lids for twenty years ago. CAN YOU EVEN HEAR ME OVER THIS AUDITORY CARNAGE??? Yikes! Down boy! Ninety-nine copies left; don’t say I didn’t warn you. BEST SONG: “In the Trunk.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Wha Wha,” not to be confused with “Wah Wah” by George Harrison. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I think only three of these eight song titles will pass thru spellcheck unmolested. Rev. Nørb (FDH)

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