BABE WAVES: Horizon Lines: CD

Aug 16, 2017

This new EP from Bellingham, Wash.’s Babe Waves is everything you hope still exists in small, supportive DIY scenes that are tucked in tiny corners of the country. Playing around with genre (or not giving a shit about it in the first place), Horizon Lines blends the best parts of dissonant post-hardcore, assertive queercore, and anthem-y basement punk. It’s just very good. In the hands of three musicians who seem to be experimenting with an admirable combination of risk and care, songs like “Where Is the Line” and “Generation Gaslight” grapple with the political commitments of punk in such an earnest way that it would be silly to get defensive over it. This is a promising EP from a band that is keeping alive not just the sound but the spirit. –Theresa W. (Self-released)