AYRON JONES: Audio Paint Job: CD

Mar 28, 2018

Seattle-born Ayron Jones and the rest of the “Boys from the Puget Sound” clearly know their music. Well-versed in rock’n’roll, hip hop, and blues, Jones is like a sound alchemist brewing his own soulful concoction that would make Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, and Prince equally proud. The multitalented musician can shred his electric guitar over 3/4 blues rhythms and croon R&B melodies over weighty rock riffs. He can sing with grit and defiance just as well as smooth heartache. The seamlessness with which the artist juxtaposes genres is truly baffling and impressive. Like an audience before a swift magician, we never see how the trick is done. This is no case of mistaken identity, but rather a skillful fusion and integration of selves. Music lovers of all types (or, for that matter, anyone with two ears and a heart) will be moved by this record. –Michelle Kirk (Sunyata, sunyatarecords.com)