AYE NAKO: Silver Haze: CD

Sep 20, 2017

It’s really difficult to review an album with so many layers of intentional magic moving through each part of it. Silver Haze opens with an intro that feels like an art installation, mixing children’s voices in conversation with ambient sounds, rhythm, and the echoes of awkward laughter. Those echoes of youth and unease, mixed with brilliant forward-propelling energy, set up the tone and intention of the songs that follow. They’re brooding and blunt with verses that fall into choruses that fall into sparkling instrumentals and hard stops, making for imaginative soundscapes rather than basic knuckle dragging bullshit. It may take you a minute to digest. It also may not be for you. Imagine Sonic Youth raised a crew of queer babes who grew up and made them irrelevant. Imagine the hard boundaries between emo and punk and indie were burned down and replaced with porous, astrological space filled with potential and prisms that reflect and redirect on new planes. Highly recommend. –Candace Hansen (Don Giovanni)