May 24, 2022

This CD is another in a series the Mutant Pop label is releasing of former CD-R albums they put out between 2000 and 2002. These are ten short and fast tracks from The Automatics’ debut album. Originally seventeen songs, what’s here is what Mutant Pop calls “Golden Greats” from that album. The Automatics are another in a long line of bands aping the Ramones, which is helpful if you miss that band. There are also some jangly guitars and ’50s-style rock. Occasionally the songs are sped up beyond normal Ramones speed. But the structure is the same. Lyrically the band talks about not wanting to work, hating the human race, thinking their lives are shit, and liking a lesbian. While it may not be typical Ramones fare, it’s nothing too intellectual, either. This ain’t necessarily my thing, but I’m not going to say it’s bad by any means. –Kurt Morris (Mutant Pop)