Sign Up for a Razorcake Automatic Payment Plan

Jan 01, 2016

Do you wanna place an ad in every issue with as little work as possible?

Below are links to sign up for an easy payment plan via Paypal. Once a month it will automatically charge your account half the price of the ad. (Remember, Razorcake comes out every two months.)

Send over a new ad anytime you want. Or we’ll just re-run the ad from last issue.

Also, if you sign up, we’ll send you your regular issue, and an extra issue to the address of your choice.

It’s easier for you, it’s easier for us. Work smarter, not harder.


Here are the links and prices:

1/6 Page Ad in Every Issue ($22.50)

1/4 Page Ad in Every Issue ($33)

1/3 Page Ad in Every Issue ($43.50)

1/2 Page Ad in Every Issue ($66.50)

Full Page Ad in Every Issue ($133)