AUTOGRAMM: What R U Waiting 4?: LP

Nov 27, 2018

I was a child of the early ’80s and as such I have an unabashed love of many of the radio hits of the era. In particular, I was an instant fan of anything in the synth-soaked “new wave” pop and rock genre. Devo, Men At Work and The Cars still rate as some of my favorite bands. Autogramm encapsulates those bands exquisitely. It doesn’t sound like they are a modern band with an ’80s schtick at all. If this just came on without me knowing anything about it, I would swear it was released in 1983. The song writing, the pacing, and of course the sound, all scream skinny ties and cocaine nervousness. This album makes me so damn happy! This is what I thought punk rock sounded like before I knew what punk rock sounded like, if that makes any sense at all. If any of the jumble of words above jumps out at you, you really should check out Autogramm. Oh yeah. Hand claps! There are fucking hand claps! I love this so much! –Ty Stranglehold (Nevado,