AUTOGRAMM: What R U Waiting 4?: LP

Jan 30, 2019

Vancouver’s Autogramm are a serious force to be reckoned with. Three major veterans of the scene (who’ve done time in The Black Haloes, The Spitfires, Destroyer, Blood Meridian, Black Mountain, and Lightweight Dust, just to scratch the surface) that somehow pull off a massive loud and diverse rock sound, merely as a power trio. While the band does wrestle with the power pop subgenre, it isn’t as nestled in the Paul Collins/Nick Lowe pocket as most have been in the last decade. Rather, they touch on the new wave records that came a few years later, hinting closer to Ric Ocasek and Elvis Costello vibes. Not an easy task, but damn, do they fit in there nicely. It’s solid since those elements combined with a straight-forward rock’n’roll format make their tunes palatable to pretty much anyone. This is a seriously impressive release, from the early smasher of “Jessica Don’t Like Rock’n’roll” all the way to “I Wanna Be Whipped” at the end of the flip. The band seems intent on touring as much as possible, so make sure to check them out when they pull through town next. Easily a year-ender for me. –Steve Adamyk (Nevado,