May 25, 2021

Vancouver’s premiere synth wave pop band is back with another killer slab of ’80s-infused goodness, and I couldn’t be happier. If you recall my review of their last album, What R U Waiting 4, my love of the synthy new wave bands of the ’80s goes deep and Autogramm hits all those receptors for me. The great part about both their debut and this album is that even though they lean hard into a very specific sound, it never sounds like they are trying to interpret and regurgitate anything. These guys are legit! The hooks are glorious, as is the “sing along-ability” that is key with this sound. The album itself seems to be sequenced like those ’80s hits from The Cars or The Police. There is clearly a handful that you could imagine being pumped non-stop on the radio and you would happily crank up the volume for, and then there are the hidden gems that you discover once you bring the record home from the store (or deep cuts, as the kids are calling them). It’s like discovering the band all over again. For a sound that seemed to be the antithesis of punk rock at the time, it’s nice to know there’s a band like Autogramm out there to show us the connection. This album makes me so damn happy! –Ty Stranglehold (Nevado,