999: Separates: CD

A much more focused and flat-out rockin’ album than the first one. There’s considerably more energy in the performance and the hooks are much catchier, as the song “Homicide,” which everyone should know by now, illustrates. There are some B-sides here as well to round things off nicely. Good stuff from long gone days.

 –jimmy (

7 SECONDS: Scream Real Loud: CD

Kevin Seconds and crew are presented here, recorded live at the Troubador in Los Angeles earlier in the year. The sound quality is great, the performance itself is top-notch and most of the biggie “hits” are here as well (What? No “I Hate Sports?!?”). Best of all, the songs from “The Crew” album don’t sound like they were recorded at the bottom of

6X: Tunder Bomb: CD

Bubble-gummy punk, sorta like a Muffs light with maybe a dash of early Elvis Costello. My initial reaction was to hate it, but I was quickly won over. Hey, the songs are catchy as hell.

 –jimmy (Daemon, PO Box 1207, Decatur, GA 30031)