Eastside Punks Episode 4: Nervous Gender

Nervous Gender made swift work of attacking every taboo, stereotype, and preconceived notion about religion, sexuality, and punk rock they came across…and made their points using—GASP!—synthesizers to create a racket that often sent the most ardent Black Flag fan scrambling in piss-panted fear for the nearest exit.

Crazy Arm interview by John Miskelly

English folk punks Crazy Arm have released their first album in seven years, another raging slice of eclectic, heartfelt technical punk. Frontman, guitarist, and vocalist Darren Johns talks about what’s changed and what’s stayed the same, his past animal rights activism, mental health, and why they have a song named after an old English galleon

Dave Williams interview by Kurt Morris

Dave Williams has been involved for more than two decades with the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada punk scene. Most notably of Crusades, he has also played in Black Tower, Steve Adamyk Band, Surrender, Sedatives, and Year Zero. Crusades put out three full-length albums and achieved a fair bit of notoriety for their tag as “satanic punk.”