ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT: No More Mr. Nice Guy, Millennium Edition: LP

Jan 27, 2023

In the Millennium Edition liner notes, Minor Threat tee-wearing guitarist, Eric McIntire states that this 1988 release is “what the band originally wanted to (and intended to) sound like.” Which is extremely noteworthy because while being thought of as a “legendary Bay Area crossover thrash/hardcore/punk” band, I’m mainly hearing hardcore punk on these tracks. There’s the double bass in the drumming, and maybe there’s a contingent of this band that wanted more of the crossover sound, but really there’s only one guitar solo on this record. So those who are allergic to metal and tend to break out in uncontrollable eyerolls and find themselves searching for an escape route anytime a song exceeds the two-minute mark, fret not! The average song length here is 1:39. Let’s just think of Attitude Adjustment on this release as Poison Idea’s psychotic younger brother who always seems to be the first one to throw a punch. Slam, slam, and more slam. –Daryl (Beer City,

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