Jan 30, 2019

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of Attentat Sonore setting out on the road of punk/hardcore in central France. That trek has seen a plethora of singles and albums being released, but Turbulences is the first new music to come out in five years and the first album in eight. Earlier material had a rough hew to it. This time out, the band has got a slightly cleaner, American-influenced sound, crossing the boundaries of punk, hardcore, and a bit of garage rock. The lyrics are a mixture of French and English, and although I have a very basic knowledge of the former, it’s the latter which confirm the political and social leanings of the quartet. This is a really strong record and reminds me a bit of La Tuya in places. It’s good to have Attentat Sonore back in the saddle again. –Rich Cocksedge (Guerilla Vinyl, [email protected], / Zone Onze, [email protected], / Keponteam,