ASYMMETRICAL ANTI-MEDIA #12, $1, half-size, copied, 8pgs.

Mar 17, 2021

A beautiful example of a DIY cut and paste zine. There are awesome collages in the background of each page, and all the text is chopped up into bite-sized chunks. In the intro, Jason Rogers talks about COVID and the depressing reality that so much socialization happens online now. There’s a quote in there that I really appreciate: “If I’m going to be alienated, I want my alienation in hard copy—I want the print version.” As a writer of a long-running print publication, I echo that sentiment. So what we have here is a review zine. He says that he is devoted to reviewing physical zines, but will also review music if it’s on CD or tape, and has a physical mailing address. The reviews are concise and to the point, and because of the shorter length of each, he packs this zine full of them. Even has a review of Razorcake #116. I also find it funny and appropriate that he reviews one of Billy McCall’s zines (Four-Year Depression, Proof I Exist), because McCall has a YouTube channel where he reviews zines too! It’s the ouroboros of indie, DIY, punk publishing. –Kayla Greet (Jason Rodgers, PO Box 10894, Albany, NY 12201)

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