ARMADA, LA: Anti-Colonial Vol. 1: CD/LP

Nov 27, 2018

La Armada is one of the hardest working bands in recent memory. Formed in 2001 in the Dominican Republic, for the last decade the quintet has made Chicago the homebase for their relentless touring and recording schedule. Their most recent release, Anti-Colonial Vol. 1, not only captures everything I’ve come to know and love about the band, but also marks a new direction for them. Long-time fans have come to expect an album of furious metallic riffs, nuanced song writing, and every member’s brilliant musicianship, of which La Armada more than deliver. The record manages to capture all the raw intensity of the band’s live performances. Where things take a different turn, is in terms of lyrics, with Anti-Colonial Vol. 1 marking the first time, to my knowledge, that the band has written songs in English. The raw anti-capitalist lyrics of past releases are still present, but in a language that will reach a wider audience. I applaud the band for making this bold step, after previously having only written songs in their native Spanish, and I feel that with the vitalness of their message, and the anthemic delivery of their message, the band have more than succeeded in this transition. Catch the band on tour when they roll through your town and be sure to grab this record. –Paul J. Comeau (