ARCTIC FLOWERS: Straight to the Hunter: LP

Nov 27, 2018

I have been a fan of Portland, Ore.’s Arctic Flowers for quite some time now (I want to say it was 2010 when I saw them play in a warehouse in Austin, Texas at 4 AM—I was instantly hooked). It was my first realization that I really like post-punk. I mean, as a kid in the ‘80s bands like The Cure and Joy Division were always around in the punk circles I travelled in, but it was always periphery music to me. Arctic Flowers opened me up to other stuff that was going on now. Cat Party, Nervosas, Lunch, The Nervous, Red Dons, and Criminal Code—all really amazing bands. I guess you’re never too old to branch out! Anyways, Straight to the Hunter is AF’s third full-length album and they continue their running streak of amazing releases. As I play this over and over, the words that keep appearing in my brain are “beautiful intensity.” This record is heavy yet has a way of relaxing me. They have a knack for building up the tension in a song, then throwing a stop in just the right place before everything explodes. It gives me chills every time. This is a self-released effort by the band and I don’t imagine they will hang around for very long, so I’d jump on a copy as soon as possible. –Ty Stranglehold (Self-released)