Aug 25, 2016

One of those bands I’ve heard much ballyhoo about but haven’t actually heard. Three tunes showcase a deft ability to mix punk and death rock influences, which is often harder than it would seem at first blush. Songs are punchy, full of drive, and yet danceable. This latter trait explains the several remixes, predominantly of the opening track, “Technicolor Haze,” that make up the remainder of wax time here, each of which takes the track(s) in new directions. Daryl expressed some concern when I plucked this from the pile, saying they were a good band but that maybe a remix record might not be the best place to start my acquaintance with them. He was right, but I don’t think for the reason he might’ve thought—the remixes don’t bother at all, but I do wish there were more tunes on here, ‘cause this is quite good. –Jimmy Alvarado (Deranged)