ZULUS: Self-Titled: CD

Bauhaus, Specimen, and some of the most notable of ‘80s U.K. goth punk is resurrected by these blokes out of NYC. Where others have resorted to imitation as flattery, Zulus has reformatted the old standard of Peter Murphy cries and thrumming bass lines. “Kisses” draws on a whale call of a guitar chord to flesh out a cacophonic death knell of relationships past. The tail end of the album turns the corner toward hardcore punk on “Tremolo” with a spastic crescendo of drums and guitars. The production is a little muddy, but their revamp of ghouly tunes shines through the flotsam. Those who own Tones On Tail and The Chameleons UK, take note. Who says every day isn’t Halloween? Recommended.

 –Kristen K (Aagoo)