ZOOMEN: Self-Titled: 10"

Jun 22, 2007

Sounds like whatever country they’re from’s attempt at the Hives, but with a properly punk attitude of general irreverence (if you’re brave, check out the sleeveless, horizontally-striped, too-short Mickey Mouse t-shirt one of the band members is sporting over his hilariously conspicuous midriff. Now THAT’S comic genius!). Sometimes i pretend they sound like the Damned or Radio Birdman. This record occasionally strikes me as being really fuckin’ good, but, at other times, i can’t help but thinking that, a hundred years from now, when the aliens come down to planet Earth and start sifting thru heaps of our popular culture from the first decade of the 21st Century, they’re gonna spend all of ten seconds going over the punk records, and head straight for the copies of Katamari Damacy. Oh well. Best 10” since the Teenage Knockouts!!! BEST SONG: “Sorry” BEST SONG TITLE: “Piggy Wiggy Dance” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The second time i saw Peter Noone, he kept getting massive laughs by referring to (event sponsor) Piggly Wiggly™ grocery stores as “the Piggy Wiggy!” Oh, that Peter!

 –norb (Relax-O-Matic Vibrator)