New records featuring work, especially guest work, by old punk luminaries can be dicey propositions. Too often the luminaries in question have long moved past their former punk personas and any attempts to reconnect come off as either trading in their name for a quick payday or a textbook case of what happens when you forget what you were about. This is not the case here. Zoo Party is a Swedish band that delivers rock-solid tunes heavily influenced by the first wave of U.K. punk bands. While the lyrics aren’t exactly Thoreau, the tunes are catchy and well delivered. Best of all, the old punk luminaries guesting here—The Damned’s Brian James and Sex Pistol Glen Matlock— actually add, rather than detract, heft to the proceedings. Gotta say, this is one of the better releases in this style I’ve heard in a while.

 –jimmy (Acme)