ZOLTARS, THE: Should I Try Once More?: LP

I’ve noticed an influx of folksy bands with bastardized ‘50s song structures coming out recently. I’m not sure I totally get what’s coming down the pike, but I like that it seems to be a different take on a tired structure. This Zoltars record is the better end of what I have been hearing. The heavy reverb on the guitar and tambourine bring to mind a blasé version of a minimalist shoegazer band. The occasionally overdriven vocals and sort-of-bored, matter-of-fact delivery cause me to think of the Urinals on the wrong speed. Many of the songs contain a clear narrative. There is something oddly compelling about the late night possibilities of this trio. The repetitive riffs in the song “Indian Princess” become eerily maddening. There are moments listening to Ricky Nelson when you forget that you are listening to a teen idol and something scary is evoked. If that makes any sense, you might like this record.

 –Billups Allen (Sundae, sundaerecords.com)