ZOLTARS, THE : Self-titled: 7” EP

May 03, 2011

Four songs of clean guitar stoner punk pop that are more about being clever, quirky, and writey than being a turbocharged engine of electro-hook virility, yet still sound more like a bunch of guys plunking around in a basement than the exoskeletal armor of some overly precious songwriterly guy who sits around all day four-tracking. I wouldn’t say this is a completely life-affirming necessity like Eric & The Happy Thoughts or Charlie & The Skunks, but “Party at the Batcave” is pretty cool and the other three songs are decent, so it’s a good thing Walgreen’s is right next door. BEST SONG: “Party at the Batcave.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Homicide” if you’re 999. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Whilst “Zoltar” is the brand of animatronic fortune teller machine that transmutes Tom Hanks into a grownup in the movie “Big,” i always associate it with the villain from “Battle of the Planets.”

 –norb (Sundae)

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