Zinester’s Guide to NYC: By Ayun Halliday, 256 pgs. By Andy Conway

Apr 13, 2011

I think I just found my new “Fun Bible” for New York City (which means I can now “fun-burn” my old “Fun Bible”). This book serves as something of a punk rock Zagat guide, with listings for great places to eat, see shows, buy records, get drunk, and do other “zinester” activities through out New York City. On second thought, comparing this to a mere Zagat guide sells Zinester’s Guide to NYC short because it’s actually really fun to read. It’s loaded with cool illustrations and extra-comprehensive summaries for each entry, leaving no stone in NYC unturned, which is no small feat. Living in New Jersey, I often make trips out to NYC and find myself thinking, “Man, I really could use a copy of that new Steve Adamyk Band record… oh, and also a cream puff. If only I knew where to go.” I now have a tremendously useful resource. Each time I thumbed through, I found multiple ideas for new activities to try out next time I spend a day in the Big Apple. Highly recommended. –Andy Conway (Microcosm Publishing, Microcosmpublishing.com)