ZIG-ZAGS: Self-titled: LP

Zig-Zags—a heavy metal/hard rock record on In The Red, America’s premier garage rock label? At first thought, it doesn’t make much sense. Like progressive rock, metal is a subgenre of rock best left alone. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to every rule: for every one hundred Gongs, there’s bound to be a Soft Machine. Zigs-Zags are another case in point. Steeped in metal, the Zig-Zags are erudite enough to celebrate the stupid, namely Iggy Stooge and The Ramones. The songs on this LP rock really fucking hard and are enjoyable as all hell to listen to. The Zig-Zags will definitely piss off your parents—yet their songs are melodic enough to keep on the turntable once that goal is accomplished. So get in your blown ‘68 Camaro and jam this full length on the cassette player. It won’t be heard over the glass packs, but the desired effect should be achieved. Of course, your mom’s four-cylinder Saturn will also work.   –ryan (In The Red)