ZIG ZAGS: Self-titled: CD

Nov 19, 2014

Dirty punk rock’n’roll with the occasional Black Sabbath style riff popping up here and there to add to the miscreant sound. The songs are catchy and simultaneously aggressive (and at times sinister-sounding). At times they remind me of Turbonegro, only rawer and less self-conscious. I like the scratchy distortion on the guitar here, reminding me of the early Black Flag recordings; where if you’re not careful, the guitar would administer a jagged cut and give you tetanus. Some of the songs on here could have been left off, like “Psychomania,” and “I Am the Weekend.” Especially when on the same album as songs like “Magic,” “Randy,” “No Blade of Grass,” the opener “Braindead Warrior,” or the perfect “Soul Sound,” bring to mind early Alice Cooper (musically and vocally). I imagine this stuff sounds even better live.

 –M.Avrg (In The Red, intheredrecords.com)

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