ZIELONE ŻABKI: Zgorzelec 1988: LP

The documenting of a scene’s history and the bands involved is an incredibly important one to me. Although they existed for a little more than a year, Zielone Żabki is a band credited with hugely influencing the Polish punk scene. With any physical copies of the band’s original recordings lost to the decay of time, this live recording from 1988 marks the first time Zielone Żabki’s music has appeared in print in over twenty-five years. The recording quality is a bit uneven, with the vocals slightly overwhelming the rest of the band. Overall though, the recording is clear enough to give the listener a taste of Zielone Żabki’s sound. It’s a sound which draws on ‘70s and early ‘80s punk, but not quite hardcore punk influences. It’s good, but is more important for influencing future generations of Polish punks than for being particularly ground-breaking sonically. The historic element of the band is intriguing to me, even if their music didn’t bowl me over. I think anyone with an interest in punk history in Europe will want to check this out.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Pasazer, [email protected])