ZEROS, THE: “Main Street Brat” b/w “Handgrenade Heart”: 7”

Mar 29, 2011

My joke is that “The Zeros are one of East L.A.’s first punk bands… really south… Chula Vista south.” The joke’s not very funny, but The Zeros often get mistaken for an East L.A. band (and their first couple of singles were on L.A.’s Bomp! Records), but they were from a town north of San Diego. Geography aside, there’s no denying that this is a legit re-issue of two great songs on the superior, big hole 45 7” format. (It’s not a re-issue of a previously available 7”. These songs were on full lengths.) I always dig hearing bands on the West Coast in 1977 channeling early punk—think Iggy And The Stooges, Richard Hell-style narratives, and revved-up Chuck Berry. A welcome vinyl addition to first-wave bands getting their due.

 –todd (Last Laugh)