Jul 29, 2011

Driving back to the glorious West Side from the barbaric lands where the Razorcake bunker is located, I put the Zero Zero disc into my disc player in my car, windows down, and cranked the fucker up loud. Sat in the parking lot a few extra minutes before picking up my daughter from preschool and enjoyed the sonic assault these folks dish out. Listened to it a few times over and over before getting out of my car. It’s that good. Fast, thrashy, and raw hardcore punk is what they serve up. The songs race at a breakneck gait, the bass is rapid fire, and the guitar has a great sound that reminds me of the Plugz for some reason. Vocalist sounds a lot like Tony Erba. They slow down on “Chinese Shoe” for a brief moment and it’s pretty good. There are six scorchers on here. Don’t be lazy and lose out on this. I hope they get something new out soon. I want to hear more. More! This is so damn good...

 –M.Avrg (Zero Zero, [email protected])