Jul 05, 2001

There's a chap at Razorcake by the name of Todd. He's the fella whom I contact about reviews, interviews, advice, random funny stories, and the occasional personal life rant. Basically, a working pal. He also happens to be the guy who sends me these platters to review. Anyhow, I'm thinking at this point in our friendship, he knows my musical tastes well. He's been on the money so many times. Cut to Act II: Receipt of a CD by the band called Zero Zero. While reading their bio, that beautiful word pops up at me: Farfisa. My brain does a big "woo hoo." Ya see, it's like this... If your band is using a Farfisa organ in your recordings, most likely, you'll forever be in my good graces. Unless, of course, you use it to record this poo. Zero Zero is sometimes techno-ska (?!), sometimes monotonous bleeps and blips pretending to be The Fantastic Plastic Machine. Like a wolf in sheep's clothing - for a mere moment or two you think you might want to pet it and go "Aww, how cute," but seconds later you're running for your life, or in this case, the stop button. Sneaky. I still like Todd, though. -Kat Jetson

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