Sep 11, 2009

With Zero Zero’s new full length, I was admittedly a little shocked upon my first listen. While making a great departure from some of its members previous bands (Lifetime & Sticks and Stones), it is the degree to which this new band has formed its own unique sound that held my attention. Sonically, comparisons could be drawn to something akin to Stereolab and Tortoise. This recording has an interesting fidelity and feel I would associate with recent long players from mostly instrumentalist bands like Him, Aerial M, and Trans Am. AM Gold is one of the few recent records I’ve heard that successfully optimizes the sounds yielded within the recording limitations of a record tracked in a practice space. Rather than trying for a very “studio sound,” it sounds very live and human. You can hear the spaces between the instruments and the microphones. Zero Zero employ a large palette of effected guitars and several keyboards over drum and bass lines that are often heavily altered and compressed. It is this solid, driving rhythm section that is the most entrancing and rewarding part of AM Gold. A bit too often, the other musical elements can drag on into self-indulgence, especially on the tracks that feature only scant vocals.

 –guest (Jade Tree)

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