ZERO LE CRECHE: Last Year’s Wife—The Collection: CD

May 26, 2008

A reissue of a wholly obscure (at least on the Americocentric side of the planet) proto-goth band that, based on this, shouldn’t be. I guess the liner notes provide ample explanation, though—while a band with tunes that uncommonly hit the “jeez these guys are good” mark with great frequency, they only managed an EP or two, one of which included the supposed goth-dance hit “Last Year’s Wife” before tossing in the towel. Those tracks are compiled here, along with quite a few demos, showcasing their ability to plunder the best parts of the Bauhaus and the Psychedelic Furs and make it all sound fresh and original. While the wisdom of the endless reissuing of music by everyone who ever stood in front of a mic will probably be hotly debated for the rest of the planet’s existence, in this case it’s actually a good thing. 

 –jimmy (Cherry Red)