ZERO BOYS: Vicious Circle: CD

Mar 04, 2001

Line up, kids, and start throwing you’re dough this way. Like pop punk? Howzabout hardcore? This, my fine friends, is a re-release of one of the few albums that successfully bridged the divide and simultaneously became a classic in both genres. This came outta the Midwest in 1983 and blew the minds of many a mohawked malcontent and gave more "established" bands like the Dead Kennedys and Black Flag a run for their money. This, from a band who were fast, tighter than you could possibly imagine and still catchy as hell, is also the best record they ever released. This set standards for clarity and performance that few have been able to match let alone surpass. This is one of punk rock’s shining moments as well as a near perfect testament that we weren’t all crazy way back when "straight" people thought hardcore was "just a bunch of mindless noise." P.S.: The six tracks from the Toxic Shock version of the album are not here, but there are two bonus tracks not on that version included here.

 –jimmy (Panic Button, PO Box 148010, Chicago, IL 60614-8010)