Zeke: Zeke You!, DVD

Sep 16, 2010

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Zeke, they are a bunch of old school heshers from the Pacific Northwest who started out playing fast and furious punk rock a la The Dwarves before morphing into speed punk’n’metal band sounding like early Motorhead. You could curse Zeke for inspiring a generation of kids to play fast punk with metal overtones and giving birth to bands like Nashville Pussy and Speedealer. Or you could just chug your can o’ Pabst and hold yer lighter in the air in a celebratory post mortem act of endorsing the band’s brand of rock and roll. Greasy haired, dirty fingernails, cheap hotels and lots of hangovers... that’s what you get with this Zeke rockumentary. Filmed in lo-fi Zeke-O-Vision (looking as rough and raw as the band’s live set at times), Zeke You! documents the band on their final tour, playing in seedy clubs to the seedy denizens that inhabit them. There’s a good slew of early footage of the band (some live sets and a few videos) with a friend named Ed Vedder sometimes behind the camera. Conclusion: This isn’t going to win over any new converts but for true fans it’ll satiate the need when you get the urge to ride with Zeke. For cinemaphiles, this makes a nice companion piece to Heavy Metal Parking Lot. –Greg Barbera (Dead Teenager, www.deadteenager.com)