ZEKE: Tour 7”: 7”

Jul 13, 2006

So, one of these songs is supposed to be a cover. I’m not sure which. Supposedly, it’s the song “Kings and Queens” by Aerosmith…but I looked up the lyrics and they’re totally different. At any rate, I haven’t checked in with Zeke in a long, long, long time. I thought Kicked in the Teeth was the follow up to Blood, Guts and Pussy that the Dwarves should have recorded, and I fucking loved it. The follow up to that record was titled Dirty Sanchez which, at the time, was hilarious but the record itself was a let down. After that, I didn’t bother with anything else. The first track, “Die When You Die,” is the Zeke that I’m accustomed to. Fast, dirty, and a little fucked up. The other two are big, old badass ‘70s rockers with a little touch of stoner rock. I find myself putting on the rockers more than the “classic” Zeke lead-off track. I think I gave up on Zeke way, way, way too soon. If you’re interested, this is supposed to be a tour-only deal, but I think you can find it on a few mail order websites. Oh and Relapse… I’m sure you already noticed but you fucked up the inner labels.

 –guest (Relapse)

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